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Multi Academy Trusts may find themselves with myriad issues to deal with if they have PFI schools within their Trust, or if they are about to have a PFI school join their Trust.

However, as a Trust you still have leverage to:

  • Ensure value for money
  • Identify and manage exposure to risk
  • Improve the management of the contract to the benefit of the schools and the Trust
  • Identify and deliver initiatives that reduce costs


Castle Gate are experts in improving the PFI experience for MATs

We can help you with:

  • The key issues you need to know in your relationship with the LA and the Project Co/FM provider
  • What are your key risks and how do you mitigate them?
  • Health check on PFI contracts with which you are, or might be involved
  • Due diligence on PFI schools that are joining your Trust
  • Improving contract management by your local authority and/or securing greater control for the Trust
  • Identifying, negotiating and delivering improvements in the management, operation, value and cost of the PFI project for the benefit of the Trust and schools